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aidan the tinyblog boy


Whaddya know, the kid has had a life outside of the tinyblog masthead. I'm happy to report that he's a happy, healthy kid with some mad Aikido skillz who thinks he's Robert Plant (kinda looks like Robert Plant, too!).

I asked him if he remembered living with me and he gave me a knowing look. "Yeah," he said, "I remember some things."

I wondered what. I wondered if he remembered my less than shining moments, like when he put a big wad of gum into my pants. I looked down and I was like, "What the hell!?" I got so mad I grab him and shook him. Turns out you can get gum out of pants with an ice cube. Who knew.

Or I wondered if he remembered that I told him when he was 5 and really into the Star Wars movies that when he was 7 and the new Star Wars movie (episode 1) came out, I would take him the first day it came out and his momma wouldn't have anything to say about it. I did...the only available tickets on opening day were for a 4am showing...so I had him sleep over at my house that night (I was long since broken up with his mom by then) and we got up first thing in the morning and watched it. He was stoked.

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Goddamn I feel old.

I remember when he was like, what? 5 years old?, when I came out west to hang for a week.