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roboticats ascendant


Ben and I just made a very nice sale with a local Seattle company called Utilikilts. We're doing an employee organization tool for thier intranet and hosting it, and will eventually be doing the badly needed revamp of their public website.

They make sturdy skirts for men, and Ben and I wrote some merchandise into our contracts:

see another ben kilt pic

Plus, I wish I could show you, but I don't want to jump the gun. We just paid talented designer Von Glitscka to redesign our website with our new branding. Expect to see an amazing Roboticat website up soon!


Congratulations Daniel and Ben! You guys rock.

Grrarrw! Hot roboticat!

Where's the picture of you in YOUR kilt????

They didn't have the right length, so I have to wait to get mine til monday when they finish altering mine. I will post a picture of me in MY kilt ASAP though.

Dude! Utilikilts ROCKS! If I'm not mistaken, they were the ones that made Sgt. Farr the USMC camo pattern kilt from the "A kilt for the Corp" drive I was running over at FRiozzen Sparks last year.

I'll still stick with my 9 yard greatkilt though :)

DUDE! that rules! i loved utilikilts since the dawn of time! hubba hubba! well done :)