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ddt birthday smackdown

Thanks everyone who acknowleged me so warmly on my birthday.

Special props to Loverzan who made a fine hostess and cooked me birthday muffins and to Sam, who showed me some new kung-fu (Ding Do-Wah Sinus Strike). Little did I know, I would need it later.

After leaving the Wedge, we were hosted by the fine Aaron Silverburg, who reluctantly allowed us to compete in the first annual Daniel David Talsky Birthday Smackdown, brought to you by 18 pounds of sexual sweat.

First bout:

Nate vs. Daniel


Winner: Daniel

Second bout:

Daniel vs. Shiela


Winner: Daniel

Third bout:

Daniel vs. Cara (Match One)


Winner: Daniel

Fourth bout:

Daniel vs. Cara (Match Two)

Winner: Cara


(Ben now has to challenge both of us.)

Fifth bout:

Ben vs. Cara


Winner: Ben

Sixth bout:

Ben vs. Daniel

Winner: Ben

Championship bout:

Ben vs. Andrew


Winner: Ben

Cats represent mothafucka!