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a miracle in the campground bathroom

my mom was healed a few weeks ago.

We were camping out at Camp Long and she followed an urge to go to the bathroom. While inside she was approached by a fairly ordinary looking woman who offered out of the blue to heal the ankle she broke many months ago. It had set all funky(due in part to moms firm insistance on NOT going in to get it xrayed and checked out by a professional) and caused her to limp and need a cane to walk.

Well, my mom's certainly not one to turn down magical assistance even when it comes upon her in a restroom. Lo, the healer laid her hands on moms ankle which promptly heated up and she is now walking without a cane! Hallejulah!

Later the healer told her that when her guides tell her to do a healing, she does it whenever and wherever she might be. They didn't even let her go pee first. She said they don't really comprehend human details like that, not being in the same dimension and all.


Sometimes I wish I was more in tune with spirits and guides and all those magical beings out there, and then I'm really glad I'm NOT. It's hard enough trying to be aware of life in the earthly dimension. It would be way too challenging to be talking to folks in several different realities at once, folks nobody else could see... Er...'scuse me a minute willya, I'm just...uh...talking on my cellphone, yeah that's it, my cellphone!

Am I getting too far out? I think Daniel's been gone too long. I'm going into withdrawal. It's not a pretty sight. Please, somebody stop me!

Oh well, better too far than not far enough.



I have had a "guide" for almost 30 years now. He introduced himself to me in a dream as Mr. A. Mostly he is a good friend that helps me sort out stuff. Not that I listen to his good advice most of the time. He gave me a task one time and I failed to do it so he let up on that. He told me to approach an aquaintance and tell her to get into good physical shape because her life was about to become very stressful and hectic. While I was figuring out how to say that (about two months), her 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with bone cancer, had a leg amputated, and went for daily chemo treatments. Her life became very stressful and hectic as she had three other children as well to take care of. I was pretty freaked out. I've always wondered if she would have listened to me, if I could have made her life a little easier if I had had the guts to speak up.

Wow, that's really tough.

Maybe I'll feel more capable of handling stuff like that when I'm an older, wiser woman. Like you and my mom