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my roomies are wrestling again

It's one of their favorite pastimes. Cara tries to take Ben down, Ben usually takes Cara down, then they usually dissolve into kissy giggly nonsense. Sometimes I help hold Ben down, or try to-he's pretty damn strong, and wary of being at the mercy of two wild wicked women-maybe I can get Daniel to help us pin 'im down when he returns from buddhacamp.

It's pretty good entertainment on a quiet night at home.

So, I had a nice day today, no more Irate Rzan diatribes.

I worked on my primitive man sculpture most of the day. Jim(the guy for whom I am sculpting it) came over and we worked on it together. It was really fun. He'd say:"the forehead needs to be a little higher", so I'd plop a little blob of clay on it and mold it smooth. Hey presto! A loftier brow. "More hair, he needs a big wild, sexy mass of hair" No problem, more clay blobs, rolled, tweaked on, smoothed and then roughened with a toothbrush(I love expensive tools) and voila! Big sexy hair.

I love clay. It is SO versatile and soft and lovely to tweak, pat, press, wet, squeeze and shape into whatever pleases me. Yum.

Then mom and me went and saw the movie Simone. It was amusing.

Now I'm home, blogging again. Hmmmm... How do y'all manage to spend this much time on the computer and still have lives?