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i'm a bad bad girl

I didn't water the garden for two whole days. My plants were drooping and very unhappy with me. So I gave 'em an extra good soaking in apology. I think they forgave me, they gave me some delicious tiny orange cherry tomatoes in return. Mmmmm...There's nothing quite like a sun-hot, fresh off the vine sweet cherry tom popping in your mouth as you water the garden.

You were expecting something else, maybe? Nah, I'm a good girl. Well, at least until D. gets back. He brings out the BAD girl in me!

I am listening to PJ Harvey yo. She always puts me in a tough girl groove.

I'm beggin' Jesus Pleeeeese. Send me his looooooove.
Send me pleeese his kisses, send him home today.
I'm beggin' Jesus pleee..ee..ese, send me please his kissses...

This love becomes a tether, this room becomes a cell.

How long must I suffer, dear god I've served my time,
this love becomes a torture, this love my only crime...

Or something like that. Man can that woman wail! I wish I could evoke angst like that with my voice. Guess I'd have to smoke a lot of cigarettes.