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can you explain this joke to me?

I found this in a Cycle magazine in my friends bathroom. Does anyone get this joke?


I'd assume it was some sort of sexual reference... but I can't imagine what the "ol' float bowl" refers to. Maybe I just have a sick mind...

Well, I think it refers to some part of a motorcycle, and I think the joke has something to do with this guy finding some excuse to get naked and sit on the beach...but I can't really be sure. I feel like it would take a motorcycle aficianado to tell me. Boy am I going to be getting weird search engine hits for 'ol float bowl' for awhile.

i really have no idea..

they sell some greetings cards with the same kind of thing on around here. they're supposed to be hilarious, yet, nobody has a fcking clue what they're on about.

The "float bowl" is a chamber in a carburator which holds a supply of gasoline, controlled by a needle valve attached to a float. Sort of like a toilet bowl, but only filled with gasoline. As for the corresponding anatomical part which the joke refers to, you got me.

Thank you, man, one step closer to the mystery being solved.

he has sand in his butthole ... you know how it gets in everywhere that ain't covered?

he also has a weird body which is funny enough for me.

Well that's all very enlightening, maybe he got sand in his bladder? EEEugh...

I think people just publish stuff like that cause it's so weird and funny and they know we'll be bemused by it, i bet they don't even have a specific anatomical corollary zone.

Words I found in the dictionary on the way to corollary:


CORROBOREE(Shauna is disqualified on this one cause it's aussie aboriginal)

Anyone want to hazard some guesses? Presuming it's alright with our gracious tinyblog host of silly games, Daniel?

Striking photo. Reminds me of John Lennon - the nudity, sunglasses and peace sign...