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weekly survey?

Hey, this blogger survey thing has been so popular, and someone mentioned that they were craving a few questions to make their blogging task easier, and that the friday five was gone now.

I was thinking perhaps I might do some kind of weekly tinyblog survey a la the friday five. Only it probably wouldn't be on friday. And it probably wouldn't be five questions.

Anyone think that's a good idea?


Dude, you are harping in on my drivelicious five? that is so low.

please ignore the fact that i harped in on the friday five, and in fact, my version appears on friday and consists of 5 questions.


I am definitely on the lookout for a alternative to the Friday Five!

Well, I'm not trying to harp in on anything, but it just seemed like there was a hole that needed to be filled, that's all.

I would say to look for the new survey sometime this week.

i'm up for it. :)

Yes! A most delicious idea! I would surely be more faithful in answering weekly tinyquestions than I was in completing the friday five each week.

Bring it on!

Yes please. I've always wanted to have more than five questions so what's wrong with a Tuesday 10?

Although the "official" Friday Five seems to be back now (we'll find out in about 45 minutes, anyway) there has been an alternative for a while: http://www.livejournal.com/users/fridayfive - it's pretty reliable and I actually prefer it over the other one, though I still do both.