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bonus question award!

And now the winner of the Blogger Pride! The Blogger Survey Bonus Question: Do You Fear The Booge?

There were no losers, especially since I didn't tell anyone there was a contest. And the winner is:

Fellow Heather B. Hamilton fan, grillboy with:
"Well, if it is true that we fear the unknown, then I would say yes."

honorable mention:
Banalities, with
"I fear the boogy. White girl ain't got no rhythm."

Your prize? These dandy customized oversized banners that you may admire, post, or send to /dev/null (that's like the recycling bin, for those who are not unix-savvy).

Thank you so much to everyone who answered. You so rock the house. There were some really well-thought-out answers and I got some fantastic links to try.


hee. you are such a tool. look at my sitemeter since you started this survey. i have never been so popular. or perhaps popular is the wrong word...

Enjoyed your blog . . . . my first time her. I bookmarked ya!

wow....and I still don't know who you are...


Wow. I always knew my lack of coordination would get me far in life. Thank you for making one child's dream come true. And, incidentally, I'm also a huge Heather B. Hamilton fan. I miss Dooce!

Thank you very much! I shall wear the new banner with pride.
(Unless of course you are somehow mocking me, in which case I fill find you and take you down...hard)

Oh my god. That actually says "...I FILL find you..." doesn't it?
Man....that sucks.

I wasn't joking, it was a real contest. Congratulations.