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post of love update

I thought I might have forgotten someone and of course I did, a sweet boy in the UK with a really sweet blog. He's one of the only people I've ever met who thinks I'm "old" at age 26. I guess I should get used to it though...only an increasing amount of people are going to think I'm old in the future I guess. Hehehehe. 26 though...sheesh, what a little whippersnapper. He even made Shauna's Midnight Brownies. He highly recommends them (with photos!).

And of course, I forgot Nate-o-potato, who is my rock-solid dharma and dinner cooking companion.


danny! he's a darling.

Ahh! How could you possibly forget Nate?

You are a lucky lucky man to have so many good people for friends.

stop talking about me! you american.. australian people!