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the post of love

I'm really feeling like I did something right in my life this morning. I just made a mental scan of all the people I know and realized that most of them hook me up with some pretty good love!

My relatives, like my mom and my sister and my dad (spastic, but loving), my stepdad, my grandma (who's dying), my cousin Brina (I'm going to a vegan potluck at her house today!) are all so good to me and seem to go out of their way to make my life pleasant. I'd get together with all of them for a holiday meal any day.

My online friends, like Shauna (who's the online friend to end all online friends...if she didn't live so fucking far away we would be offline friends as well, like, last year) J (who's weblog I designed and who makes fantastic use of it), Julie (who may actually move here to Seattle someday), Pat (who said I have a place on his futon couch in Canada anytime), Mena (who might be my most famous online friend and still treats me like gold), Meg (who also might be my most famous online friends and who, goddamnit I need to go say hi to!), Shelly (who really needs to fly to Seattle and cook for me), Andrea (who actually called me from Hong Kong to hear a song...that rhymes!), Tom Working (who really knows how to have a seriously interesting IM session and make me burn my damn food every time), Paula (who gives good chat to the point where I shouldn't even say "hi" unless I have an hour free). They've hooked me up with a totally new kind of friendship. It's too bad I can't give them all a hug.

Then there's the combination online/offline friends, who I know pretty well both online and offline: Ariel (who's thinking about moving out of town...bah! But whatever you need to get a job, honey.), Buster (who is probably one of the coolest male friends I've ever had), SJ (who may think she's not my friend just cause she's not speaking to me, but she's so wrong), Jessamyn (who's house I may go over to soon to get my favorite hat and scarf now that it's nearly spring), Morgan (who writes the funniest blog written by a 15 year old ever), and Rebecca (who needs to invite me over for dinner and to use her scanner like...yesterday).

Then there's my mostly offline friends: Rachel (it's worth watching her play pool to see her wicked dancer's bum in action), Maggie (my sweet amiable darling friend), Beth (I think I'd take a bullet for her), Hudson (so sweet, so smart, so incomprehensible), Cara (how could I miss someone more?), and Rzan (who actually made me originally think to write this post by filling my whole life with love and humbling me with the awesome fucking force of her love).

With each and every one of those people I feel some real genuine expression of love, and that's no bullshit. I don't have any enemies. It's really only the people I love that can actually piss me off, I suspect.

I think those people are the bulk of the readers of the tinyblog as well, and so the tinyblog is just all about love today. Yum.

Hey, are you not on here and you think that's an oversight? It probably is...or, you could be my friend if you wanted to...I'm not that discriminate, and yet I end up associating with some of the most high quiality human beings ever. I wonder how that works.


Yuppers, I'm beaming.

the futon is still available anytime. but ben spills a lot of food on it, so it may be getting a little funky. give me some warning when you are coming so i can buy a case of Febreze.

I have been gone for too long.

Yesh, yesh, yesh.. I know what you mean about making some really good friends online. My bestest westest friend lives about forty-five minutes ago and we met online. Then there's some smashing people I've met from reading their sites. Sadly, it's always the bloody distance thing that permits those online friendships turning into offline friendships.

Shall catch up with you on AIM, one o' these days!

Not SOMEday, friend. A specific day -- May 14th. Be ready.

come over and scan... yesterday.


it is so very very mutual.

Singapore, sweetheart, Singapore. Also, if you should ever visit, you can crash at mine anytime.


I never forget the work you put in to helping make the Mess a better place. Thanks always, Daniel-san!

Took me a while, but I love you too. You can watch my dance butt anytime...