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"1. a writer must write against the spirit of the times

2. If the age is one of smug contentment, unexamined hypocrisy, and materialistic shallowness, the writer will be on the attack, exposing the lies. For this the writer will be condemned by those who believe all is well, and thus the writer will have the chance of gaining some notoriety.

3. If the age speaks of despair, treats women as objects to be raped, children as beings to be broken, and makes headlines of the worst and the ugliest in life, then the writer must be the antidote to the mass cynicism, writing of hope and beauty, telling tales of people who find healing in hidden corners of the wasteland. By taking such an approach, the writer will be considered a simpleton and a sentimental fool. In furious times, the writer will probably attract almost no attention except for the sound of others' contemptuous laughter."

From Random Jottings Found on the Back of a Movie Poster Announcing the Opening of Friday the Thirteenth, Part XXIII, Transcribed on the Night of the Last Lunar Eclipse

Who knew there was something so cool to be found on Christianity Today.

I think this is a pretty incredible guideline on how to blog meaningfully.

Via and thanks to Accidental Julie.


Amen, that goes for musicians(like Fela Kuti, 'natch) and all the other art forms, too.

Right now, we need to see truth and beauty in the strongest, deepest way possible.

Art is so good for humanity!

that is fantastic .

if i might recommend a book -- read 'If You Want to Write' by Brenda Ueland -- it doesn't only apply to writers -- it's for anyone who wishes to use their imagination and create something ... or just for being true to yourself.