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it's very pleasant: childhood stuff III

My mom was very forthright about sex, in case you're wondering where all this came from. Forthright, in her friendly, honest, and slightly clinical way. I had a penis, and my sister had a vagina. There was none of this pee pee stuff that I can remember, even when I was a very little boy.

I was very curious about what it felt like. One time I passed a note to my friend Jim in 5th grade (who insisted he had sex with hundreds of girls) asking what sex was like. "They screm and it feels good," he wrote, eloquently, on a scrap of paper.

I asked my mom a similar question. She had explained the mechanics pretty well, but I wanted to know how it felt, "Well," she said, "it's very pleasant." She also said that she had tried fucking, and she had tried making love, and that although it was true that both could be fun, making love felt much better.

That was sort of revealing, but I had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Luckily there was Men's Sexual Fantasies, sort of a Penthouse Letters in paperback form, convienantly located low on the shelf at the now defunct Kroch's and Brentano's Booksellers in Cherryvale Mall. I am quite sure I read it cover to cover in my many furtive browsings of it while hanging out at the mall.

I read "the 'g' spot" and I read Masters and Johnson, and basically every damn thing I got my hands on. In my mind, I was studying. I wasn't going to be some inept fool, blindly missing the clitoris...I would know exactly what I was doing the very moment I got my chance.

I had done all kinds of fussing with my penis, and I knew there was some kind of orgasm to be had, but I didn't finally have one until 6th grade. At 6th grade. At the very top of the bleachers as a matter of fact. They were huge tall retractable bleachers, many rows high, and during LAP, I was just laying there prone looking out over the few kids shooting baskets after school.

That's when I noticed that just a gentle pressure against the bleachers was really doing me right. With almost no movement I felt it well up in me, and then finally fill my whole body with sensation. It felt so yummy to have that experience, especially with people around, and with no risk. It was very pleasant.


you so crazy.