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A Year of Blogging

I know I've already mentioned it several times, but today is my first Bloggy Birthday, and I just thought it worthwhile to thank two people.

When I had been posting for only about 2 weeks, it had started to get kind of old, and I was thinking about just letting the tinyblog die. It was cool, I wrote some fun things, and then I just wasn't sure if it was worth the effort.

Then, I visited one of first weblogs I read regularly, The Booge and realized, that for the first time, I was linked on his sidebar.

Well now I could hardly NOT UPDATE! In fact, I realized it was nothing less than my civic duty to post regularly. Really though, seeing that made me decide that I did want to keep up with it after all, and it's been a really cool place to be able to put my writing, and practice my newfound web design skills in a laid-back kinda way.

Then, the first real weblog I ever read (unless you count lileks.com's daily bleat, and I don't) was Shauny.org's What's New Pussycat. Not only was she friendly to my initial stalking of her, but when I wanted more reliable hosting, she allowed me to park the tinyblog at her site, where it sits even now. Now it has grown into the deepest online friendship I've ever had, and if for that reason alone I'm glad I started weblogging. Thanks, Shauna.

Someday I may even see what she looks like.


Yeah, she's awful shy about what she looks like! Happy anniversary....

Happy tiny bloggy birthday to you...!

that's because i look like a dog's breakfast!

i knew you'd have to get in one more dig about that. mwahaha.

happy bloggybirthday, mate!

Happy one-year anniversary. And thanks for the help the other night...it seems to work now.

happy blogging birthday, babe. you have been an inspiration to me.

glad i could be of service. good to see you still sticking it out with the rest of us.

SHE SENT ME A PICTURE!!! Shauna sent me a picture of her lil 'ol self! (Granted, it was a picture she took for someone else!) But a picture! How nice to see her sweet face and think that that's the person I've been talking to all this time.

Oh, ay! So YOU get the picture! Nobody else! Harrumph!