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almost one year of tinyblogging!

On November 29th, 2000, I somehow got the idea that I wanted my own weblog, and so I started one! Here's what my masthead looked like back then:

In honor of 1 year I'm doing a few things. For one thing, I moved the blog over to movable type, where I have much more control over everything. CONTROL!

In addition, I put a little ad on blogger!

And last but not least, I'm doing a very special ALL SEX edition of the tinyblog for several days starting on the 29th, my one year anniversary.

Thank you everyone who reads, I really do appreciate it.


Happy Birthday, Tiny Blog!

...and many, many more :-)

Y-a-y for control! I wish I could switch to MT, but the Household Server Master wants convincing (perhaps coersion? forcibly if need be??? hmmm...). Anyhoo. Happy Bloggiversary!

Didn't know you'd only been around five months longer than me. Wellsir, happy anniversary! P.S. I made a thing.

Yeah, happy B-Day you big beautiful bitch!

I... I mean in the good way, not the other way.