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haunted house: childhood stuff I

I thought I'd start this off by writing about my own first sexual experience. It was with another boy, as were my first several, and it happened when I was about 4 or 5 years old.

I lived in an apartment complex in Arlington Heights, IL, and had a couple of friends there. One, Jerry, was my age, or a little younger. The other, was a boy of about 7 years old, who one day suggested we play, "Haunted House".

Obviously it's been about 20 years, and the details of Haunted House are fuzzy, but I do remember that one person was the "girl" and one person was...well, the boy I guess. I think. It was definately played under the bed, and it involved the girl giving oral sex to the boy. While I didn't mind being the girl terribly, I much preferred the other role, and I think it was like that most of the time.

I really liked it...I had no sense of the weight behind the whole operation, or exactly why it was a haunted house, but the role-playing of it did include some kind of spooky element and it was nice. I remember I found it very pleasurable and relaxing and didn't have any bad feelings about it at all.

I don't remember how many times we played haunted house, but I do remember the last time. I think I actually suggested we play. The kid wasn't into it at first, but consented on two conditions. That I be the girl, and that we play it with him sitting in a chair. It hadn't been going on for very long at all, when I felt my mouth fill...with pee. He peed in my mouth. And by his reaction it was clearly a pre-meditated thing.

I wasn't disgusted really, just a little disconcerted. He seemed to find it pretty funny, and I got sort of a striking revelation when he told me that he had done the same thing to my friend Jerry a few days earlier. I think I got a little savvier right at that moment when I realized that I wasn't the only person he had played haunted house with. I was kinda surprised that Jerry had gone for it, he was usually a pretty timid kid.

Haunted house never happened again, but I did have another sexual experience right around that same time...


eew. he peed. i would have punched him.

Whoa. I've heard that it's pretty common for boys to, uh, experiment, but it never went by me.