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what's with that tinyblog guy anyway?

Well, for one thing, he's been saving up all his pennies to move over to the Movable Type content management system (translation: thingy like blogger and greymatter, but cooler). Or is that marbles? Yes, saving up marbles.

So what you're looking at, is the new, and hopefully improved MT generated tinyblog. I've been posting on both systems for awhile now, so it's nice to only have to post to one place. Allelujia!

While basically the same design, let me take you on a leetle tour of the new features: the sidebar is super-fancy now, making it much easier to find things in my archives, if anyone were inclined to do such a thing. Also, I have the link to my current blog page in the form of .'s in the shape of TINYBLOG. I had this in an earlier design and, well, just sort of missed it.

Also, the comments system is the new MT one, and has been revamped a little.

There is a link to a pop-up window, which, as of this writing does not work yet, but it's little things like that that have kept me from just moving over to this version for months now and I've had enough! It will work soon and it will be beautiful!



(speechless pause as the tinyblog lights up)


well done! it was worth the wait! :)