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the past in illinois

Last night I went to Chicago to take a bunch of pictures. Oh wait, I went to celebrate my Dad's birthday. He's 62. He's still looking pretty good. That bodes well for me and the future of my hair.

more photos of cloudgate

In Chicago I was a picture taking fool, and Chicago is full of things to take pictures of. I talked to my Dad and we struggled together with our arrogance so that we could find some place of connection in our lives and have an honest and loving conversation.

I think it's pretty important for people to keep trying to work with their Mom and Dad even if maddening because they are the gateway to all the other men and women in their life. It always disturbs me when people say they hate their parents, because I just feel like it's a big mistake to let it rest like that. Even if I get to the point where I can't even talk to my dad then I just try to retreat and work with him a little in my mind.

All the Chicago pictures.

The night before I had a little BBQ and had a few friends over. Sasha, Steeeeeeeev, and the inflammatory and slightly insane Graumagus of Frizzensparks.

Fear the Frizzen.

All the BBQ photos.


i don't hate my mom, by the way... (i know you weren't talking about me... but i felt compelled to comment anyhow.) in fact, it's quite the opposite. i love her so much it is painful. i know you can relate.

Sorry I couldn't be there. I had Packer tickets that weekend and spent Friday until late Sunday night either there or on the road.

How did I know that the psychotic pic was going to get posted? LOL!
Twas cool hanging out with you guys.

Hope you make it out here again for Christmas!