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the first few days of rockford

Just doing ordinary stuff, watching TV shows, going to visit my Aunt Wowie, picking the last of the summer's vegetables, going to the fast food restaurant where I had my first job, riding in a motorcycle sidecar, eating baked ziti, and even working a little.

Having a little BBQ tomorrow. With at least one old friend and this girl and her boyfriend and my mom. I'll be making Daniel Talsky Burgers Deluxe..."the burger that gives you the beatdown and makes you like it unless you're Ben and you can eat a small tapir in one sitting".

No bees yet...this week.

Monday is my Dad's birthday and I'm going to meet him in Chicago and get dangerous or something.

I'll post Chicago photos and bee photos when I have them.

I know this is like a boring blog post just like millions of other people do, but at least there's boring photos too.


Nice casserole!

this girl, eh?