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The Five Things I Miss From My Childhood Meme

Only my childhood friends can nail me with memes. Bitches.

5) Snow Days - Days when the amount of Northern Illinois snow made that most of magical of miracles: legal closure of school and a world full of fort-building material. Plows would come and do a circle around cul-de-sacs, leaving a nearly ready made two-story castle ready to tunnel into. You dig until your skin burns!

4) Massive amounts of free time - This is one of the things I hated too, but being so bored that you turn to mastering sill video games or making up huge fictional worlds to play role playing games with your friends in is actually cool in its own way. Maybe it'll be like this again when I'm old. Only without the mental acuity.

3) Regular Ol Fireworks - Now I live in Seattle and it's like packing in with 30 million people to see some crazy show designed by a Japanes designer that makes all kinds of sparkly (but dinky) planentoids sychronized to classical music and Ludacris. I used to like to sit in a field with like 200 people and watch huge bloom after bloom explode over my head.

2) Lightning Bugs - They don't have 'em here. And even back there pollution has fucked it up to the point where there's just a few. I used to stand in a field and just watch it explode with lights.

1) TEEN POSSE! - Feeling like a serious badass cause me and my monkey-ass friends got a car and a bunch of weapons and a bunch of dumb ideas. We WERE serious badasses too!


Gotta post this list:

The Gun Line
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the tinyblog

But, I can't stand to try and ensnare anyone else...but if anyone else wants to do it voluntarily, especially the extremely meme-inclined, then you are so welcome.


LOL! Nothing like being badasses with bone breakin' sticks cruising around in a baby blue '78 pinto...

oh man, I miss lightning bugs and snowplow castles so much... Poor Sam won't have those awesome childhood memories.

Not too much badassing in MY bratpack yo-unless you count mucking thru beaver swamps, gittin' shot at by angry farmers for raiding their refuse slope, or breaking into summer cabins(in the winter, of course) and wondering what 'abortion kit' meant, scrawled on the medicine cabinet...

Why am I having the same thoughts? A pre-midlife crisis? Maybe 30 is that first milestone that makes you reach back and grab for your youth with all of your might.

My responsibilities are close to nil right now, but I'd trade it all to go back to those summer days of Street Fighter II back in the summer of '92.

Having too much free time sucks. Having too much free time with a group of equally worthless friends is priceless.