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how do i do it?

It's always comforting to go over to Eli's house and witness his array of gadgetry. Plus I get the opportunity to be photographed burning a flag.

my first flag burning

Hint: Make sure your first flag is not a plastic flag. Small second degree burns may result.

He also got this crazy little sony Vaio with a video camera in it. He's sitting there taking stills of me, and we're trying to figure out how to access them. When we finally do we realize it's been taking candid little videos of us trying to figure it out. (And mugging for the camera.) It made astoundingly small mpeg's, so I decided to post them for uh....posterity, yeah.

Thought it was a snapshot I was mugging for. (MPEG 100k)
Okay, that's enough with the picture taking, Eli. (MPEG 120k)
How do I do it? (MPEG 419k)


Hey, that flag burning stuff doesn't play here in Rockford. And, why would you?

It's okay, it doesn't have to play. I didn't do it to make any kind of political statement. Besides, it's a pretty tired-ass political statement to make. I'm not really into burning anything as a political statement.

It was mainly done to make Eli laugh and give him something to take a picture of.

Plus, I think the big joke for Eli was that the flag is printed on transparent plastic and has the words "Made in China" on it.

When it comes right down to it, I don't have too much reverence or disdain for America as a place. I think it gets downright fetishised in both directions. What is it? A culture? A geographical area? A culture? A government? A set of values? I'm really not that connected to America as an indestructable symbol.

Hey man, I'm down with what you believe, but I wouldn't burn it, no matter whether it was printed on a stanky old pair of undershorts or an iraqui bedsheet. I always wondered where the people who burn a lot of flags get them from. Apparently it's china. Not saying that you burn a lot, just frequent burners in general