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coming to rockford was a good idea


I needed someplace to not have to figure out my own life for a week and just live like a midwesterner...sort of.

I've gone to Chicago, grilled outside several times, nicked off early for $1 beers at the local tavern (dry witted bartender's name: Alice...I shit you not), gone and listened to live country music, and extracted honey made in an Illinois apple orchard. I stayed up late with the friends I hung out with as a teenager and roved around Rockford like restless boys...looking for the next entertainment until we were finally ready to pass out.

I know I'm going to have to go back and face my life again soon, but I really hope I take a little piece of the midwest back with me. I mean, not that I always want people to get all flustered forever when I ask for weird coffee drinks like a double tall latte. Not that I think I can be trusted with cable TV. Not that I...want to make a habit of listening to live country music.

But I guess it's nice to have a break from the "funkier than thou" atmosphere of Seattle. And it's nice to not have to have a grand vision for my life right now. It's nice just to get regular non-organic steaks and grill them and make potato salad from the recipe on the back of the Mayo jar. It's nice to drink cheap beer and...have it actually be cheap.

I feel relaxed. Fucking sad and a little broken, but also mellowed out and ready to go home and find myself a place to live and do business.

It's hard to just sit and watch the tendrils of my mind that reach out to her. Just watch them and not try to figure anything out.


Nice to see you Dan, it was nice to have the crew minus 1 back together for an evening. I can only hope the next time you are down I get the opportunity to see you again.

Dude... what you're doing with that honeycomb... is that sanitary? o.O

Haw haw

It was great seeing you again. I wish we could do it more than once a year, but unfortunately "real-life" often impinges upon our desires. Sad shit really.

It isn't until you visit that I remember clearly all the shit you and I have been through....love and hate and all that. You're one of greatest six guys I know on earth. You're truly family to me, and always welcome if you need a break from "Greenerville".
Love ya man.

Lunch was great, it has been a long time since the both of us have had a chance to sit down and shoot the shit. Even though I am the evil that is big business now. hehehehe.

ACtually you have your own subcategory of eveil management.
Right there next to Catbert.

Glad it gave you some space and love.

Yeah, watching tendrils, like wisteria vines that have to be pruned, trained to grow in a new direction...

Hard work.