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the dirty joke vending machine

Saw the midnight movie at the Egyptian Theater. It was Brazil, directors cut. My god what a dark movie. It's hard to know if I felt satisfied or not after seeing it.

On the way we were walking down broadway and walked by a guy sitting on the sidewalk selling CD's. We walked right past him. Right next to him was this tough punkish girl with a sign I didn't see until I was almost past her.

Dirty Jokes
$ .25

Four steps past and I realized that this was a service I really needed. I stood before her with a quarter extended and she let loose with her first. Perfect deadpan delivery. I smiled and reached for another quarter. My friends got in on the act and handed over quarters.

Finally she told a joke that was so...well...kinda vile that it shocked the kid next to her selling CD's. He looked over at her, "Hey, you shouldn't even fucking say that!"

"I'm selling dirty jokes," she said in her own defense.

"That's not a dirty joke," he said, "it's a molestation joke! You shouldn't even say that."

I looked at him squarely, "Hey buddy, I paid good money for that joke. You gonna let the lady do her job or what?" I handed her a fourth quarter and got another.

Finally we headed towards the movie. As we packed up to go she said proudly, "I'm the dirty joke vending machine."


That is an absolutely excellent story. Thank you!

Man, and to think I've been wasting my talents in the office breakroom.

If I give you a quarter will you tell me what the joke was?