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the beauty and stress of change

There I was, cursing everyone who writes a weblog I like for not updating more frequently when it occurs to me that I've only updated once in the past week or so.

I quit my job. I've never worked at one job for so long, and I'm about to leave all the boringness, bus rides to Redmond (far, far away from me, for those not in the area), and direct deposited paychecks behind.

Bless that bus driver last night. The bus I catch to work on the weekends is the last bus to where I work. If I miss it, it's an expensive cab ride that takes a half an hour even to get to me. I got to the Transit Center and saw my bus number. I hopped on.

I realized after about 15 minutes that what I was seeing out the window wasn't familiar.

Me: Did we pass NE 40th?
Bus Driver: You got on the bus going the wrong way.
Me: Shit. There's no more buses out to Overlake tonight is there?
Bus Driver: No.

Ice filled my veins. Only about a dozen more of these lousy bus rides and I had to go screw one up...bad. We pulled into a transit center several miles away from where I was supposed to be and I started to get off the bus. The bus driver didn't open the door.

I looked at him.

Bus Driver: Are you getting out here?
Me: Y-yes! As well here as anywhere. There's no Metro Bus that's going to be any fucking help to me right now.

He still didn't open the door.

Bus Driver: I'll...uh...I'll take you to Overlake on my way back home.

I bowed my head, a little ashamed that I cursed. I quietly slinked back to my seat and sat there until while he ran the rest of the route, and the last few people got off the bus one by one near the end of the line.

He took me near where my bus route would have gone, about 4 blocks away from my work...and as we neared the intersection it started to pour down rain.

Bus Driver: If I was a really nice guy I'd take a left here and take you to your front door.
Me: (silent)

He swung a left and drove me right to the entrance. I got to work on time, and was only medium instead of soaking wet. I was pretty touched.


A bus driver did that for me once, when I was fourteen and hopelessly lost. I'm sure th other people on the bus (it was in the afternoon) were less pleased with him, though.

Did you catch his name? Write a letter to the Bus Folks in praise of his friendly service. Just don't mention that he broke several rules to be friendly. I'm all for padding the personnel file of good folks.

He waited until his route was over so he didn't inconvenience anyone but himself. And he got me to work pretty much exactly on time. It was really super cool. THanks for the suggestion luke...I did in fact write him a commendation on the metro website.

Wow, Jesus lives and he drives metro.

What a nice guy.

See, I knew angels were real.

how sweet is that... ehhe

That is so sweet, and touching. It is nice to see that people will still go out of their way for complter strangers. Unfortunately one does not see that as much.

That r0X0rs.