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every day is a holiday

Jehovahs Witnesses (like Prince) don't celebrate holidays because they believe that every day is special in God's eyes.

I'm guessing that although pretty girl is not a Jehovahs Witness, she carries on in this very special celebration by celebrating a new and very special holiday each day for you to participate in.

Now before you rush over there to the sort of confusingly named GIRLS ARE PRETTY, I just want to let you know that it's pretty caustic, in the same spirit as Rabbit Blog, or the now defunct I, Asshole. That being said, I find more posts than not to be quite punk rock and brilliant!

It's not to late to celebrate some of my new favorite holidays, like:
Date Someone Who's Hot And Has A Terminal Illness Day!
Pray To Baby Jesus To Help You Find Lots Of Money Day!
Spend All Your Money And Die Day!

Right now pretty girl is on vacation for a week or so and kindly left us with our next seven days of holidays in advance. So happy Policewomen Are Amazing In Bed Day!