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door-to-door popsicle saleman

When I was a kid I used to love Italian Ice. I don't know how Italian it really is, but it was the midwest's version of gelato, and came in two flavors, strawberry and lemon-lime. The lemon-lime was the best.

I walked into the grocery store near my house one day and found these lime popsicles that taste exactly like the Italian Ice I used to eat as a kid. My god they are good.

As I was preparing to go to work, leisurely strolling around in front of my door, I saw my neighbor lounging around on her couch watching a movie and thought perhaps she would like one of the best popsicles in the world.

I knocked on her door, "Do you want a popsicle?"

She did look a little puzzled, "I uhh, I just brushed my teeth."

"Oh." I said, lamely, and then trying to explain, "I was just walking by, thinking how good my popsicle was, and I thought maybe you'd want one."

"Okay, I guess I will have one then."

"Let me go get one."

I ran into my apartment to get her a popsicle. I returned with it and she took a tentative lick.

"Oh wow. It is good," she looked at the popsicle for a moment and then asked me, "Do you want me to give you some money?"

In retrospect I should have said straight-faced, "Yes. It will be twenty-three dollars." But, shocked and mildly insulted I could only sputter out, "No!"


It's too bad "random acts of kindness" are looked upon with such skepticism .... isn't it?

Maybe it's because I'm fast developing an ice cream addiction, but if it were me I'd say "Hell yeah." What a nice thing to do. :)

you are cute. hehe.

Last week I made cherry-lemon ice with the cherries from the tree in the back yard. It is very yummy. I wish you were here to taste it.

Granita...it's very italian.

Sheesh man.

Wow, cherry-lemon ice with real cherries! That sounds so yummy. Sam would just love it.

His six year old friend Rowan made cranberry ice-cubesicles the other day just from juice but they were a big hit on a sunny day.

I think your neighbors offer of money was just reflexive politeness-in this culture things aren't often offered for free and so it can make people a little awkward. It was a good impulse to follow, yo. I love it when people just freely give, purely out of the joy of sharing something good-it's one of those little things that makes life so much more worth plodding thru. Like a big smile from a complete stranger. Or a good joke from a checker after a long wait in line.

Keep up the good play!

That is good to know about Sam. There is something about making treats for a kid that just makes life a little better.

*lol* Now that's funny:)

I had chocolate gelato once. When drips of it began melting off the cone, I noticed that they were almost clear. "Gelato is mostly water?" I cried out. So after that I never had another one. It's like skim milk, only worse.

I am tired.