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i got a scanner for my birthday!

A few photos for you to enjoy of rzan, at my mom's request.

Thanks for the scanner, mom!

Someday I might post as many photos as the booge. Well... probably not. He posts a lot of photos.

You can do so much more with photos when you have them in a digital format, yo. With a print you can only show a few people, but if it's digital then my sweet aussie friend can see it.


digital format is nice. but try to send someone who doesn't have internet access a digital picture. or try to look at your photograph collection when the power goes out. oops!

how do you pronounce "rzan" by the way?

Pronounced R ZAN, It's sort of an abbreviation of my given name, Roseanne. It also stems from my art business formerly known as Roseanimals, recently restyled into Rzanimals at Daniel's excellent suggestion.

Rzan is also my signature on my sculptures, paintings, masks, illustrations, and various and sundry other artforms.

More info than you wanted to know, but you give us artists an opening and blah, blah, blah...

that rocks. thanks.