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conversation in the park

Shakespeare in the park really rocks these days.

Yeah, so does Bruce Lee's grave.

Do you think you can call God on your cel phone?

We should go to that pay phone up there and dial 1-800 information and ask them for a listing for The Lord.

Why would we go to the payphone?

So we don't waste cel phone minutes.

Dude, it's the weekend and the cel phone minutes are flowing like pussy.

Oh. Well it's more poetic to call The Lord on a payphone.

(long pause)

I'll never think about pussy or cel phone minutes in the same way again, you bastard.


What a silly silly conversation!

I think God really prefers email these days-so many silly humans equipped with cell phones if we could all ring up there there'd be no rest for the Almighty.

God would have to get call waiting, or caller ID or something....At least the hold music would be nicer, hymns and angels and all.

I wonder what the answering machine would say? "Hi, you've reached the Lord, We are not available to take your call right now, there's a flood in China, a war in Afghanistan, tryanny in El Salvador and famine, greed and pestilence here and there and everywhere. But your call is important to us so please leave a message or call back at a more convenient time, like next millenium...Bless you, have a nice day and please be gentle with my planet and all my children."

rzan you crack me up. hehehe.

Thanks Shauny, you crack me up too.

Guess I oughtta start my own blog one of these days, instead of just blogging in the tinyblog's comments!