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return of wu-tang cupcakes

Friday night I went to see the Wu-Tang Clan with Beth for her birthday. We had a parking miracle and found free street parking across the street from the venue itself (right next to completely full parking lots charging $8 for the evening). It was meant to be.

It's her birthday, rzan's birthday, Lynne's birthday, Carrie's birthday...all these Pisces!

After the Wu-Tang I went over to Buster and Rachel's house, and we all hogpiled on the bed and wrestled and pounded and farted on each other. Then we got a sudden craving for Hostess Cupcakes. It was a deep and abiding craving, but the nearest store that was open was 7 blocks away.

We each in turn tried to bully each other into going, and then finally we just called their downstairs neighbors on the phone (at 3am) and tried to bully them into going, "There's an emergency up here...we are in dire need of cupcakes...no time to explain...bye."

We were despondant. None of our attempts at cupcakes had met with success...until suddenly there was a knock on the door. Rob, one of the downstairs neighbors came trodding up the steps, "It's a good thing I don't have anything better to do. Were you going to give me money?"

We hastily paid him off and cackled with glee as he walked down to the store. What had we done to have such good fortune and such a selfless sucke...neighbor?

Finally he returned, and we rejoiced and gorged ourselves with cupcakes.

Oh by the way, the reasons I wasn't posting were because for one thing, my dad was really unhappy about my posts about him and really gave it to me in email. I had to put the posts on hold while I thought about it and that sure didn't make me want to write. Plus, I screwed up my sidebar (soon to be fixed) and the tinyblog dots didn't work right anymore. Also, f2s, where I was hosting my sidebar pictures, crashed bigtime and none of the pictures are working. So things just weren't feeling right with the tinyblog and I couldn't bring myself to write. Thanks to everyone who checked to make sure I was okay.

Mmmm. Good to be back. Mmmmm. Cupcakes.


Good to see you back. Missed your blogging muchos.

Hey, found your blog in the directory. Thanks for the craving! I'm headed to get cupcakes now.

You're back! Your loyal fans rejoice in your return-even if only for crazy cupcake cravings! Thank goodness for Rob saving the day, but did it have to be Hostess? Yech!

Hey man, hope you get dots 'n pix all sorted out. Was the image hosting free? I'm sort of thinking about putting some up somewhere.... don't know what to do.......

Well, of all hostess products I think cupcakes may be the most edible. Or maybe they're all equally inedible.

In any case, it was the magic of the night. It was perfect for just that moment.

Hey: I was at that Wu-Tang show, too! Where were you? I was on the left hand size, in the second row of the upper level. What did you think of the show? I was slightly disappointed, myself.

At least it wasn't twinkies-pure volcanic zit fuel, that goo!