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return of the sidebar dots

Ahhh, new sidebar dots. Done with the help of the fabulous and free Text-Image.

Does it work on your browser/platform? If someone can test it in Netscape 4.x or anything on the Mac, I'd sure appreciate it. Seems to work fine in IE5+ and Mozilla on the PC.

Too bad Text-Image only generates pure HTML and no CSS. It would take me a fair amount of work to make it change colors on mouse rollover...a project for another day, unless someone has an efficient idea.

The sidebar photos are definately down. I've got some new ones I've been meaning to put up anyway, as soon as I can get access to a good scanner.


I'm on Dre's Mac using IE, and the dots look fine, although when I mouseover the area it turns to just orange dots. Buh? Weird.

looks fine on Opera for Windows. Doesn't change onMouseOver.

i dig the dots.

i loved da dot thing...and i traied it...really lovely

dude. so, like, write some script. i know you can.

you know, on mouse over change x to y. or, since it's a link, just exploit that.