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bed company

I've always liked to sleep with girls. I'm talking about actually sleeping here. Some snuggling, sure, but no nookie. I don't think many guys can pull this off, but in the years I've been in Seattle, I've always had a few female friends with whom we were mutually welcome in each other's beds from time to time.

There's been a variety of different scenarios. Sometimes it's a girl I would've gladly have sex with, but she wasn't gonna go there with me. Sometimes it's someone who totally has the hots for me but I know better than to get into something with them. Sometimes there's a really low-level sexual tension that's fun but we just both know anything more is out of the question. Sometimes we're totally hot for each other but we both know better than to get into something with each other. Sometimes (amazingly enough) the whole sexual thing is just not an issue.

I call it bed company. As in, "You're good bed company! Can I make you some pancakes?"

Of course, even when it's not sexual, bed company usually has to stop if I have an exclusive girlfriend, cause most exclusive girlfriends also like to have exclusive bed company rights, and I wouldn't begrudge them that. But when there's no girlfriend, I find great solace in bed company.

"Wow," some people say, "doesn't that cause some...uhh...boundary issues?"

And I say, "Damn you and your boundary issues!"

Of course it has caused some problems, but I think my record is excellent, and there definately haven't been enough problems to warrant an end to bed company. The problems have mainly stemmed from getting a little cavalier about the strength of my own willpower. Recall, if you will, one specific notable disaster.

Since my celibacy, bed company has really been a sticky wicket. Some of my friends have been really chaste bed company for a long time, and it seems almost a crime to give up my long time bed company pals. And really, bed company is just too good for me to be ready to give it up. It's just so...healing! However, a couple of times, bed company has really been at odds with celibacy.

The first time I tried a year of celibacy, some really sexy long-term bed company proved to be my undoing, and so I am double wary now in this, my second attempt at a solid year. So far it seems to be working out pretty well, the weeks blend into months, and it feels like I've been celibate for a long time, and still have a long time to go. Bed company helps make it bearable.

One last note on bed company. Have I ever had boys for bed company? Yeah, a couple of times, but it really takes the extraordinary guy to be able to deal with that, and it hasn't happened often. Besides, guys don't have boobies, which is really a big plus for bed company. Besides...boys are hairy and smelly.


bed company...mmmm

you're trying the celibacy thing again? ahh :)

Bed company is good. I like bed company.

Couldn't do celibacy, though.

OH Daniel! I never knew! I'm sorry I wasn't a better bed company gal... maybe we could have another go at it love, but I don't know...I'm pretty stacked!
Love ya...

Boys may be hairy and smelly, but they sure can wrap their strong arms around you so tight you feel like the most precious, most loved woman in the known universe!

Besides, some of us out here actually find hairy heavenly...