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comic schizo

I'm a comic schizo. I like Red Meat, and I also love the amazing Diesel Sweeties.

Red Meat is just...wrong, and if you think I'm joking, read a couple dozen over at redmeat.com.

Diesel Sweeties, on the other hand, is only sort of wrong, and is ultimately really sweet. It's the kind of comic you can start at the beginning and just keep reading until you run out of time. If you don't have much time, I picked out a couple of favorites for you:

"zesty" bacon chicken grille
cutie pie?
ice cream? really?
bagel bites
cheap hard drives
jesus helps me trick people


Rzan: I like Jesus helps me trick people and Sam likes cutie pie.

Sam: mko/0crv iuybnmxzsaq2w34



We just heard your poems again. i like the sunny outside and ten below. I like the last line at the end of the poem best. Everytime we got the computer I listen to all the poems. love Sam to Dandan

Rzan: It's true, and even though I've heard them a zillion times now, I still enjoy it, too.
love rzan to Dandan