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When I stopped posting, a few people wrote me to let me know that they missed reading me write and that was really nice. Of course sometimes I get caught up and wish I could be a superstar or something. That's not why I started writing a weblog though, and it would be silly to start now.

I don't think I'd even be a very good web superstar, and I don't think I'm willing to put the amount of consistant effort into it that it requires. I know how much it stresses Mena out being a superstar (and yes I think she is).

Plus, I have to remember that it would never satisfy me. There's always someone else to compare yourself to. Even if I was Kottke, then I would still have someone to compare myself to. It still wouldn't be good enough, and plus, my writing would be really dull and self-congratulatory then. (snicker...sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Anyway, my point is that not as many people read me as Shauna, but probably more than the sea of blogspot blogs, some of which are super yummy. So no matter how many people, there would still be some blogs with more and some with less.

So I know I'm coming at this the long way, but I just kind of came to appreciate the people who do read the tinyblog, and that there's actually at least one person who's read damn near every post. How many writers throughout history have been able to say even that. So nothing I wrote has been a waste because at least one person read it.

Oh I know, I know. I should just write for myself. I did that. I have a box full of notebooks in my closet. Now I feel like it's more important to write as a way to communicate with other people, and so it's nice to have some people to communicate with.

I hope this isn't too tiresome of a blog subject...I just came to some peace about it and wanted to share.



Hey i've read at least 80% of the posts!

No kidding; I checked shauny's sitemeter and it's all "3,458 visits this week". And I was happy when I broke the thousand-per-month mark!

Heh. I just got here so I guess I've got a long, long way to go. That is if you don't ban me from connecting to your site.