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buster lowballs blogs

Did I mention I'm in a band?

We're called Lazy Boy and the Recliners, and we're the laziest band in the world. In fact, I've never actually met Lazy Boy himself because he's contractually required not to show up for band practice or gigs.

Currently I'm working on memorizing the German version of the Gummi Bears Theme Song for our debut performance.

A fellow bandmember, who's band name is Buster Lowballs, actually runs his own sweet little LiveJournal called fenzle, and in his latest post he describes a recent night of doing what our band does best: drinking and telling gruesome stories. You thought mine were gruesome? They're nothing compared to Beth's.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why he calls me knuckle in his post, it's because my band name is Lord Knuckle Esquire. Don't ask.


Oh yes. I'm asking. Because if I don't, the reason for the name that popped into my head will remain there. And I think I'd rather know the real reason. :)

Nice post knuckles. Or should I say, Lord Knuckles Knifeminder General?

Good lord, gruesome tales indeed.

i felt the same way when I read your backbreaking posts-what the hell was I doing complaining about my shoulder?!!

It's why i think i should be massaging you, not vice-versa!

heheh great stuff. crazy thing.

um. I don't know what to think exactly. But that's part of my charm.