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I think once a year it's worth running Rob's Amazing Poem Generator on the tinyblog. I'm convinced there's something eerily briliant about this tool. My three favorite poems it generated:


the doctor. just and now
I . have pretty sharp.
I saw
a couple of Buddha in January.
I saw it was
haircut, maybe.


the German
version of
their archives
that makes this will
be found. Update: I went over
to see a bad case of
her post she links
to remember who posted at
him. to
school, or haphazardly
posted something similar,
I could see
a pleasant surprise to the world. In flash! comic about
2am, and in your server, and it Hi
Rose. up? Let fly.


the image, but
not him to see the only remember
who posted something about the
Gummi Bears Theme Song for it
have been bosom ha! buddies lately.
She promptly posted. Notice that move
me * with paragraph after sitting by being forced to
Oh, and hit me
with a scan of buddha
Sakyamuni accompanied by
I Asshole DogHead
Journal A painting I thought
mine were moved by it,
and in January. I somehow managed to the
laziest band name is basically about, debugging. It using CSS.

Last years effort was pretty funny.


hee hee! last years effort nearly killed me ;) you so funny xxx

Mr T,
this is doocepoetry:An XXL over my reproductive
organs. certain he has his needs,
not a
radiation machine ten inches from his own needs.

muy deep, no?

Oh yah! Hit me with that scan of Buddha, buddy!