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I ♥ other blogs

The first order of business is the new and so improved Perils of Leisure. I've got some free hosting over at tinyplace.f2s.com, and finally decided to put it to some good use. I installed a copy of Movable Type over there, and let some people I think are worthy run a blog over there.

Well, Paula over at the Perils of Liesure is more than worthy, and has used her amazing design capabilities and the flexibility of Movable Type, to come up with 5 blogs in one(!) with a super cool DHTML implementation.

Also coming soon from that Movable Type installation, the web version of Jonathan Cameron's serialized Email set of ass-kicking poems, The National Weekly Poetry Address. If you just can't wait to see the web version to read Jonathan's amazing modern poetry, you can always email him and get on the Email list version.

In other weblog lovin' news, Serialdeviant.org(y) has a new design, and writes one hell of a dense little weblog. Political commentary, mini-photos of herself, and other general deviance.

Poagao is currently out of Taiwan, and chronicling his exploits in Australia.

If you don't read every episode of Dooce, you are doing yourself a serious disfavor. Every couple of days she drops a new essay, along with her hilarious little sidebar featurettes. She changes her sweeeeet and totally tight design just about as often, and also usually includes a playlist (complete with mp3's) of what she's listening to these days. A pleasure! I check it far more than she updates.

Geegaw could be one of the most impenatrably brilliant weblogs I have ever seen. I don't always understand it, but I'm always glad I read it. You only have 7 more days to catch her before she goes on vacation. Plus, she's a fellow Seattle webloggers, and SWUD!

I, Asshole continues to shock and vilify even the most jaded bloggers with her astounding autobiographical messiness. One day she tells a story about her shady punk rock past, and then the next day she talks about a baby, school and married life. Strangely enough, it's the latter that come off as more deeply disturbing. Go figure. SWUD!

Menucha blog is packed with featurettes that you just won't find anywhere else: The MAL Bag, where Tom gives ill-advised counsel to any reader unfortunate enough to ask Tom for some, and even some readers who don't! Other features (all with their very own compelling, yet gorge-turning header graphic, include, Tom's Mid-Day Podium of Wisdom, Chairman of the Blog, Tom's Unsubstantiated Theories of Conspiracy and Assuming the Coffee Position

And don't forget the rock-solid weblog standards, Pie in the Sky, The Booge, Accidental Julie, A Fire Inside, not.so.soft and one of my new favs, Jerry Kindall. They provide me with multiple posts a day, something I have always found inexplicable and impressive.

And last, but SO certainly not least, Shauna has finally decided to grace us with a lovely excerpt from her eagerly anticipated NaNoWriMo novel. Where's the rest of it, baby?


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