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a hearty welcome to my fellow bitch

I'd like to welcome to the Shauny.Org family of bloggers the fine, fine blogger and man, SaigonSam. I liked his blog so much after I'd been reading it for a little while that I asked if I could do a redesign for him. Many months and much tweaking later, we are launching the new design today. Please update your links...

In addition, since he's coming on board here with me, to live under Shauna's benevolent, yet iron-handed rule...since she pays the bills around here, she's our sugar momma, and me and SaigonSam are her sweeeet, sweeeet bitches.

In other news of relating to other bloggers, I went on a little Seattle MeFi excursion, and again had the pleasure of meeting the amazingly fun and scrappy Jessamyn from Librarian.net, the coolest blog about information science I've ever seen. Also in attendance was Jerry Kindall, who I believe might just have played his first game of bowling last night. Crazy.


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