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short notes:

blogvoices down

They seem to be DEEP HURTING, but I'm too lazy to modify my template. Just say no you don't want to debug the 68 JavaScript errors and come read. I'm sure BV will be back up in no time and you can hold your comments until then or email me. Or write a note, put it in your shoe and say the magic word, "noomeejahoor" three times.

meg, redeemed

Awww, the girl Meg came through with just about the sweetest 'lil 'ol Email I ever read. Thank you baby! You have my undying gratitude. She even explained what a newmeejahoor is. Loverly. I take back all the bad things I said...oh, well I really only said good things...so I reinforce them!

import java.awt.test.*

I have my Java midterm in about 30 minutes, so wish me luck. None of that break-a-leg shit either. It's better to just be honest and say "good luck". That sort of reverse psychology to the universe seems a little outdated now doesn't it?