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why one of the best damn blogs out there just gets in my craw

Ok, let's talk about not.so.soft. It's about Meg, a lady who is both prolific and brilliant. Her design sensibility is acute and simple. She writes short little stories about her life and the lives of others, and starts threads in her BlogVoices that end up being mini-weblogs in their own right. She writes way too much (sometimes 5 long posts in a day) to be able to write with the consistancy with which she does...and she drives me crazy!

She's on everyone who's anyone's sidebar, (in addition to mine, of course) and seems to have a readership that spans the globe many times over. Is she universally loved? Well, no. She just got a terrible writeup in Blog You!, a self-proclaimed consumer's guide to weblogs (which has yet to review the tinyblog). Occaisionally she elicits the odd snarky comment as well, but mostly seems universally loved.

And why not? A lovely writer, a friendly gal. What's your problem, Daniel?

I didn't know why but I found myself grudgingly reviewing her site...making it the last on my semi-daily blog travels, refusing to post on her threads, generally harboring bad feelings.

Finally, I had to examine why. The conclusion I finally was forced to realize was really the most trite and sad of them all. It's because she never really deigned to aknowledge my presence. She never came and said "hi" here at the tinyblog, or sent a little a little note (like her compatriot Luke) or responded to my clearly very charming BlogVoices posts. It was then I realized that I simply felt snubbed, and that I just needed to get over myself.

It's not like it never happened before. I once deeply admired Lacking in Emotional Content, and read it every day, until he failed to respond to a couple of Emails o' Adulation©, and I suddenly decided he wasn't so worthy of adulation anyhow.

Sheesh. Some people are linksluts, I guess I'm just an attentionslut. Please forgive me, Meg, for taking it out on you, and for not knowing what the hell a noomeejahoor is.