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meg, baby, I understand Sometime

Sometime in the middle of the month, Meg, infamous blogger of not.so.soft had a little revelation: She deleted a post, becuase she realized she was so enmeshed in her readership, that she didn't feel free to post whatever she wanted. Now she freaked out about it and stopped blogging for a few days. But then she came back and has been more prolific than ever since (GAWD has she been prolific).

I'm not going to do anything quite that extreme, but let's just say when I had zero readers, I was a little more off the cuff about describing my personal life.

It's not the other webloggers that make me feel a little restricted. It's the people I know in the flesh who are actually involved in my life. It's hard to tell their story knowing it would possibly humiliate them, or that they would think the way it was represented was not true-to-life.

When you're anonymous, no one cares if the story is true...only if it's good. And it's hard when that story is the main story on my mind. So meg, baby...I understand.