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a pretty damn solid boyfriend

So, even though there's some conventional reasons I could technically be called a bad boyfriend, I think that on the most important points I get some A plusses...as I see it:

emotionally available

I'm willing to talk about both "how I feel" and about "the relationship". If there's some little thing that is making a girlfriend crazy...I won't write it off as trivial...if I can see it's important, I'll try to find out what the underlying hurt is about. I don't even watch professional sports (although I do really like Sumo Wrestling).


I'm not afraid to love and I'm not afraid to say "I love you". I still love anyone I've ever loved, and I would never try and hurt someone I once was in a relationship just because continuing to relate to them was painful. I have a really profound experience of lovers and am willing to reveal myself, even when its terrifying.


I am comfortable with my own body, and I am comfortable with the bodies of others. I have never made a purposely negative comment about a lover's body, and I accept the body's of others "as-is". They are the one who has to walk around in it. I love touch, I'm a massage therapist and think I have some skill and ability in this regard.


I support a lover in whatever it is they want to do with their life, even if it is not of the greatest advantage to me or doesn't fit into my ego image. I am happy for them to develop relationships with the other friends in their life as fully as they wish (while still maintaining monogamy anyway) and actively work with my own jealousy instead of automatically projecting it as the other person's problem.


I don't steal or lie. I guess I can be a little evasive if I truly feel unsafe, but I will always come clean when confronted and /or have time to consider what is really right. I wouldn't callously do something I knew to be wrong and say, "Fuckit."

So hey, I guess I'm not SO bad...but those slips of the tongue...what does one do about them! One little mistake can cause so much suffering for everyone!