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to blog or not to blog

I'd kind of like to thank the booge, he's sort of kept me from mentally abandoning the tinyblog. Since I'm linked on his sidebar, I simply MUST blog.

So shall I amuse you with a lighthearted anecdote? A song of the day, perhaps? Maybe my review of Tom Hanks' Cast Away (***), or Mamet's State and Main (****)? A link to some fascinating sites I have happened upon?


I am here to tell you a story of pain, suffering, tragedy, and the cruel hand of fate. You see, I have a computer. It is in good working condition, and would be everything I need in a computer. Except for the fact that I am missing a hard drive. Now we all know that storage is cheap these days, and a 20 or 30 Gig HD these days is chicken feed...a mere $120 or so.

But alas, I am financially challenged, and have had this generous gift of a computer for a coupla months now with only a hard drive between me and home computer bliss. But finally, at long last, I had managed to put together the money required to purchase said hard drive.

Last night was not my night. I went out to celebrate the birthdays of two girls at work. We had dinner at Azteca, where I had possibly the worst chile relleno I have ever had the misfortune to partially consume. One of the birthday girls beat me at armwrestling in full view of all of my workmates (who made it clear to me that it would never be lived down!). It was no good.

Then, they were going to go over to the girls house where we would all drink and carouse. The directions she gave me to her house were terrible, and I wondered around Bothell, WA for a long time before finally calling on my cel phone to get directions. I got her boyfriend on the phone, who couldn't give me directions on the phone and didn't sound like he wanted anyone to come over anyway. In the middle of the conversation my batteries went out and I just decided to go home.

I hit I-405 and was feeling shitty and anxious to just go home and take a bath. The cop clocked me at 77 in a 66 and didn't even ask me for an excuse. He just checked my ID, ran me in the computer, and wrote me a ticket. $119, and goodbye Mr. Hard Drive. Such a sad, sad story.