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what is tiny?

I actually love blogging and blogs in general. When I try to explain it to normal people, they don't think it sounds very cool. But it IS...oh is it ever. I like getting correspondance from people who's blogs I really admire. Like today for instance, I got an Email from the excellent What's New Pussycat at Shauny.org. She said (among other things), "...you seem so sweet and just a little crazy...".

If anyone wonders what the 'tiny' in 'tinyblog' is all about, that's pretty much it. So sweet and just a little crazy. I'm not making any sense. Tiny is like an affectionate nickname that became an existential adjective.

Here's a little help:

Tiny: The Dalai Lama
Not Tiny: Dick Cheney
Tiny: They Might be Giants
Not Tiny: Rob Zombie
Tiny: Mutts
Not Tiny: B.C.
Tiny: Bobcat Godthwait
Not Tiny: Jerry Seinfeld (jerry doesn't have an official website...isn't that wierd?)
Tiny: Droopy Dog
Not Tiny: Tom

That should clear things up.

Oh yeah, and I'm introducing a new feature.

Pot Pie of the Day: Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie:
Marie Callender's Pot Pies have this wierd reflective insert on the top of the box, so when you cool them in the microwave, it actually browns the top of the pot pie. Sounds strange, I know, but when you're at work with nothing but a microwave, a pot pie with a brown top crust sounds might good. I like 'em with cottage cheese on top. They have beef bot pies too, but somehow I can never bring myself to get them.

Ok, that's it. Love, D