June 17, 2007

the prodigal sister

Wangmo n Me

It's very late, and I am doing my normal computery thing and Wangmo / Elisabeth my sister / lama is doing the practices she needs to do before she goes to bed. She read to me for almost an hour from a cool book, and we ate mini-raviolis and also a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was very drippy. She's here until the 4th of July and she will be staying at my house.

Starting Monday, we're going to do a three day retreat here at the house. I still will be having work periods, but the rest of the time we'll be practicing and watching a teaching she has on DVD. I won't be available by IM or phone, just email. Then, on Thursday we'll end the retreat and be out and about.

We've made plans with several people to have dinner in the evenings and such. I had thought to organize some kind of little public talk but didn't have a fantastic time coming up with a venue... there are a lot of people I know that wanted to meet her so I'm thinking about having a little BYOB BBQ at my house on a weeknight... probably on July 2nd or 3rd. Anyone have any preference?

I'm glad she's here. I've been pretty lonely in the house and it's nice to have family here. There's certain cultural contexts that just me and her really understand. Even before she got into buddhism she was a sweetheart. Now she's a tough sweetheart

Anyone not see the photos of her coming out of retreat? Or didn't read my article about her going into retreat? I didn't think so.

Wangmo n Me

September 25, 2005

five things my sister misses from her childhood

Sometimes I print out the current page of the tinyblog and send it to my sister (in secluded retreat) in a letter. I did that recently, and one of the posts was my Five Things I Miss From My Childhood meme. So my sister, who surely knows how to play along sent me hers:

5. Selling Kool-Aid from my Radio Flyer red wagon: Basketball playing teenagers get thirsty! and when Mom's buying the Kool-Aid there's no overhead!

4. Diving Boards and Merry-Go-Rounds: Both have fallen prey to lawsuit-land.

3. Skateland!: The circling roar of wheels on the rink. Colored disco-y lights synchronized to 80's hits (before that had become ironically hip), always with the inevitable minor injuries!

2. Tree climbing: Hours in the huge maple in our front yard, sometimes with a popsicle or a book, but more often just way, way up where the slim branches float you on the breeze.

1. sprinkler: Hot, hot days are made tolerable by little icy jets of water that flash-freeze you as you leap!