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June 27, 2005

unbearded boy

I've gotta say more about shaving my beard off because it really feels drastic! If you've only met me in the past year it would probably trip you out, because I think it looks quite different.

First of all, a sweetnerd friend got a great shot of it in process. The lady who cut it was very sweet and said I didn't look like a mass murderer now. Mass murderer, terrorist, sheesh. I think I just look younger...and I seem to lose a certain authority.

Plus, it's a lot easier to wipe food off my face with the back of my hand.

And I have no soul patch to twirl while I program computers.

And I have to wipe sharp bits of metal against my face to maintain it. My skin doesn't like this. Which is why I have a beard most of the year.

I don't know what possessed me, but it makes me almost jump every time I look in the mirror. God, do I have a funny face!

I feel like such a naked faced boy!

masked / unmasked



(click on the photos to see larger versions)

this is not photoshopped

June 20, 2005

The Five Things I Miss From My Childhood Meme

Only my childhood friends can nail me with memes. Bitches.

5) Snow Days - Days when the amount of Northern Illinois snow made that most of magical of miracles: legal closure of school and a world full of fort-building material. Plows would come and do a circle around cul-de-sacs, leaving a nearly ready made two-story castle ready to tunnel into. You dig until your skin burns!

4) Massive amounts of free time - This is one of the things I hated too, but being so bored that you turn to mastering sill video games or making up huge fictional worlds to play role playing games with your friends in is actually cool in its own way. Maybe it'll be like this again when I'm old. Only without the mental acuity.

3) Regular Ol Fireworks - Now I live in Seattle and it's like packing in with 30 million people to see some crazy show designed by a Japanes designer that makes all kinds of sparkly (but dinky) planentoids sychronized to classical music and Ludacris. I used to like to sit in a field with like 200 people and watch huge bloom after bloom explode over my head.

2) Lightning Bugs - They don't have 'em here. And even back there pollution has fucked it up to the point where there's just a few. I used to stand in a field and just watch it explode with lights.

1) TEEN POSSE! - Feeling like a serious badass cause me and my monkey-ass friends got a car and a bunch of weapons and a bunch of dumb ideas. We WERE serious badasses too!


Gotta post this list:

The Gun Line
Righty in a Lefty State
Frizzen Sparks
the tinyblog

But, I can't stand to try and ensnare anyone else...but if anyone else wants to do it voluntarily, especially the extremely meme-inclined, then you are so welcome.

June 14, 2005

at long last, me in a kilt

daniel_inna_kilt1.jpg daniel_inna_kilt2.jpg

Coming soon for your swooning pleasure...the Robotic Cats in kilts together! Doing homoerotic wrestling moves! In Greece!

June 7, 2005

climax fruit bombs 20% off!

I went out for dinner with Aidan the tinyblog boy and his mom last night. We went to Tacos Guymas, on Broadway, right across the street from a Castle Superstore, a large sex shop with a big marquee in front.

I had some wierd thing that was like a chimichanga but filled with chicken, bacon and spinach. Actually pretty good.

Aidan looked across the street and stared at the Castle Superstore marquee. "Oh damn," he said, "they took down the Climax Fruit Bomb sign. Now I'll never find out."

"Wha?" I said, intelligently.

His mom began to hold her head in her hands.

"They used to have a sale, 20% off Climax Fruit Bombs. Now I'll never know what they were."

I was puzzled, "You'll know in about 15 minutes when I walk in there and ask for you. I'm sure they still know what they are."

His eyes lit up, "You will?!"

"Sure. I wouldn't joke about that. If they're under four dollars, whatever they are, I'll get you one."

He started to get all excited, "My mom wouldn't do it."

I looked at her. "No!" she said, probably for the 30th time.

After some lively speculation among him, me, and his mom about what a Climax Fruit Bomb might be, he rushed me through my meal and practically pushed me out the door to find out, at long last, what a Climax Fruit Bomb was.

Turns out it's just fancy flavored lube in a bomb-like package. At Castle it was 17.99, which even at 20% off looks way more expensive than you can get it online. So I didn't get any.

I guess buying flavored lube for a 13 year old boy has some sticky ethical questions associated with it, but it seemed like the right thing to offer at the time.

Anyway, then we got into a big dildo discussion, to his Mom's combined amusement and chagrin, and even got some details about her non-illustrious sex toy history. Just goes to show you, it's more fun to score points with kids than moms.

you know it's bad when...

...you think quite seriously to yourself, "I wish I was watching the old Punky Brewster cartoon with my sister on the carpet right now. And maybe with Soleil-Moon Frye too. And maybe with her magical friend Glomer, too."

Then you remember that your sister is in three-year retreat, that Soleil-Moon Frye is married (and kinda hot!), and that Glomer is a fictional character who can transport beings across the world in the blink of an eye.

The Fantasy:

The Reality:

it...it could be used for interstate commerce! yeah! it has nothing to do with bush!

Some of you may know that there was a decision about the federal government's power to keep states from letting doctors prescribe marijuana for medical use. Out of several articles I read, I found the Chicago Tribune article to be the most revealing.



Carol Lambert has been doing some really cool bird themed work lately, and these two pieces, Emu Egg and Ostrich Egg really grew on me. Her recent work is really worth browsing through, and she rotates her work often enough that it's worth having a look now and then.

Carol is an Alaskan artist and is also my business partner Ben's mom. Plus, can you imagine being able to paint like that? Anyone care to venture a guess what she does for a living?

i heart songs about self love

Sometimes when it's late at night
And you have no one to talk to
Here's what you do...
You go through that
Raggedy cell phone
'bout two or three times
Tracy ain't home,
Tina ain't home
The Love Below starts talkin' to ya

Every boy and girl, woman to man
When you feel you've done about the best you can
Muthafuck the wagon, come join the band
Vibrate, vibrate higher!

Play with your own score sheet, become the master of your own bater
And yes, God is watching you, but no need to be embarrassed
For the future is in your hands, no the future is in your hand
Play with your own score sheet

- from Vibrate by da Andre 3000 an Outkast from The Love Below

(have a listen if you don't have the album, but christ, you don't have this album yet?...I'll keep it up for a few days, but it's 8 megs so I don't wanna max the bandwidth too bad, yo)

June 6, 2005

nothing really matters, anyone can see


I'm pouring out a virtual 40 for my lost homeys. Josh, Terra, Yoni, Sonja, Krista, I know I fucked up, I miss you guys.

June 5, 2005


Okay, I've lost far too much time to this. It's a fascinating survey of human history from the perspective of human combat and martial arts. From the author's short intro:

Kronos; A Chronology of the Martial Arts and Combative Sports, represents my idiosyncratic interpretation of the history of the martial arts, combative sports, and associated philosophical topics. If you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know. If you think you can do better, please do so.

In any case, what follows is something that reads almost like a reverse blog starting 6 million years ago. It's not just about combat, there's a fair sprinkling of religeous and political history here. This guy doesn't seem to be making a heavy handed point about anything, but as a general history lesson, I have to really appreciate the work he's put into this piece.

Questions like this probably won't pop up in pub trivia, but I guarantee you'll learn something you didn't know.

June 2, 2005

roboticats ascendant


Ben and I just made a very nice sale with a local Seattle company called Utilikilts. We're doing an employee organization tool for thier intranet and hosting it, and will eventually be doing the badly needed revamp of their public website.

They make sturdy skirts for men, and Ben and I wrote some merchandise into our contracts:

see another ben kilt pic

Plus, I wish I could show you, but I don't want to jump the gun. We just paid talented designer Von Glitscka to redesign our website with our new branding. Expect to see an amazing Roboticat website up soon!