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i'm just posting because no one else is

It's a sunny day and I'm sitting in my house all day. I don't even want to step outside. Who needs outside? Who needs the sun?

I'm cleaning house and trying to rub two sticks together in my mind and just hit that vital point of inspiration that makes one want to head back into the thick of it after two frustrating weeks.

What does anyone do for inspiration besides cleaning their house? Heavy metal?


i likes busy wordless music for inspiration. autechre, aphex twins' analord, mozart, that kind ov stuff. words in music get in the way ov the words in my head when i'm thinking about other stuff and trying to be inspired.

Art baby, art. Actually, if yer uninspired art don't come so easy, so, maybe nose-picking?

YOUR tinyblog rules, my friend. You really do put out.