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bush's brain tumor

Can't help but read about Karl Rove...an issue hovering on the edge of whether it really is an issue or not. Salon and other news sources had a billion non-stories about how, yes, the White House is still stonewalling as they buy time to find some way to spin this, or at least let it drop off the radar.

I was curious about what the Conservative buzz about all this was...I had no doubt that there was a huge amount of indignation at all the unified negative attention this is getting from the press. Finally I found this great Washington Post article/blog entry about all the Rove hubbub. It does a great job of summarizing a group of different arguments and putting them in context. I think people of the "hang Rove immediately" camp and the "fucking liberal media" camp should both read this article to help normalize your viewpoint and put it in perspective.

After a year or so of Google news, I'm beginning to really respect the Washington Post as a damn fine news source. Salon is cool, but perhaps a bit more prone to publishing five articles with exactly the same viewpoint and subject matter.


My whole take on the Rove thing is that everyone involved should step the fuck back until the investigation is over.

Oh yeah, and that it's pretty damn hypocritical for the media types to be using information from the grand jury testimony (which by law is supposed to remain secret) to prove their case for nailing someone... for revealing things that by law were supposed to stay secret...

A pox on the whole mess.