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unbearded boy

I've gotta say more about shaving my beard off because it really feels drastic! If you've only met me in the past year it would probably trip you out, because I think it looks quite different.

First of all, a sweetnerd friend got a great shot of it in process. The lady who cut it was very sweet and said I didn't look like a mass murderer now. Mass murderer, terrorist, sheesh. I think I just look younger...and I seem to lose a certain authority.

Plus, it's a lot easier to wipe food off my face with the back of my hand.

And I have no soul patch to twirl while I program computers.

And I have to wipe sharp bits of metal against my face to maintain it. My skin doesn't like this. Which is why I have a beard most of the year.

I don't know what possessed me, but it makes me almost jump every time I look in the mirror. God, do I have a funny face!

I feel like such a naked faced boy!


That is just an awesome picture. The colors are perfect. You look so cute. Does using the word cute mean that yes you have lost a certain edge of authority? Nah. You looked cute with the beard too. Must be the smile.

Yay! Down with the beard!

Nice face. And I like beards.

You were the only friend I had with a beard that was more unruly than mine...

now you'll need a new livejournal icon.

God I love that face. Nice to see you again. L.