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cold, cold, cold

It's been a rough weekend...some combination of brain chemistry, wierd interpersonal stuff hidden deep in my craw, and just the cold, cold, cold outside.


I looked so cute today! I bought a new fuzzy corduroy on supa' sale and my double-braid came out so perfect and shiny.

My main job today was to go get groceries for a special appreciation dinner for my friend Beth for helping me not to have such a barren hard drive and doing a lot of driving and helping me out when I broke my arm and just generally being a champion friend. I figured it would cheer me up a little cause yesterday felt so pervasively cheerless, but I kept missing busses, and the bus there only comes every hour, so it was late in the day before I could finally be useful.

I had this fantasy that I would see someone I knew at Whole Foods and be able to shine my braids at them and talk to them warmly and not feel so inhuman. But I think the world could discern my internal poverty and all the world seemed so cold, cold, cold.


You do look spiffy with polished braids and a good warm jacket. That is for certain. Hopefully it will bring you some warmth in the cold, cold, cold.

You're the only man I've ever heard use the phrase, "I looked so cute today!"

I should give you a medal. :)