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thanks for the tip

To those who suggested I use wire for my mala...

I did actually mention that in my post. The problem is that although wire doesn't break, it doesn't knot reliably, and crimps seem to get worried free. I think the solution is just lighter beads, that don't have such sharp, string-wearing surfaces.

In any case, I lost at least half of my lapis beads, and a strand of them is pretty expensive. I'm also just ready for any kinds of changes in my life. I feel really willing to just try totally new things that have been in my head for awhile.


Here's another idea that popped into my head: Spiderwire fishing line.
It's a dark green color, ties well, and is actually less likely to break than beading wire.
The stuff is extremely hard to break.
It's a bit pricey compared to string or normal fishing line, but it's alot cheaper than replacing your beads all the time :)

I have, well, I had a close loved one enter the retreat at Kagyu Cholen in November 2003. I read here that your sister did as well--and I just wanted to touch base--partially because I'm still processing the emotions and feelings associated with her decision. I have to ask, was it difficult to see your sister enter for such a long period of time? If you'd like to talk, I'd be very grateful.